Flairre LLC is a producer of creative content and a scouting service for various locations through out the United States of America. We are based in Shawnee Mission, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Los Angeles, California. Our staff has 20 years experience in the television, film, and photography industries. Our wide array of abilities range from a deep technical understanding of photography to managing large-scale productions.

Flairre LLC


Flairre LLC coordinates and manages content creation in digital formats for distribution
via the Internet and across all digital outlets. We also coordinate web development and
digital creative projects. This ensures accuracy of online content for your business. We
use a proven blend of editorial skills, copy writing, social media best practices, and vast
technical know-how. We work with talented producers, directors, photographers, writers,
web developers, cinematographers, production assistants, camera assistants, photo
assistants, set builders, prop stylists, lighting directors, location scouts, casting directors,
and production managers.
We have built a loyal client base over the years, largely due to our diligent work ethic and
creative background. Our staff members are versed in scholastic, practical knowledge of
classical, contemporary, and conceptual arts. Our producers and writers create content,
schedule systems, and lead teams of people to produce commercials and independent
films. We manage challenging situations on large sets while maintaining a clear vision of
the final objective. We bring our large-scale experience to smaller jobs, providing help to
many businesses, photographers, and creative projects.We understand the importance of
maintaining a personable and positive atmosphere on the set and in the office, which
promotes an environment that fully supports the creative process.